Whether online or in person, first Impressions Count!

3 Step Staging Process:

1) Consultation:  This consists of an on-site consultation. Included is a detailed report of your property, providing a comprehensive list of recommendations which will prepare your home for the market.

2) Completion: This is the completion of the recommendations in the detailed report, which can include decluttering, painting, flooring, cleaning, minor repairs, storing, packing, and more. The homeowners can choose to complete the recommendatons themelves or we can help by doing as much or as little as your require.

3) Showcasing: When Step #2 is completed, we will showcase the entire property, accentuating feature that will sell the home, by positioning lighting, artwork, furniture, and accessories. These final touches will make the difference to potential buyers by allowing them to imagine their families living in the home. This will create a great first impression that may influence a decision to buy. 

Vacant Home Staging/ Model Home Staging:

Vacant properties can appear cold or uninviting. We will transform an empty room into a warm and welcoming space. Our attention to space, flow, and architectural design ensure only the best features are showcased.

We will either recommend the rental of furniture and accessories or we can create vignettes; which is a collection of accessories that can highlight a room's architectural details.

Staging to Live: 

After you move into your new home, we can stage it for living!  We will make recommendations where to place your furniture and accessories.

Redesign/Decor Consultation:

This service is designed for the homeowner who wants to make changes, but doesn't know where to begin. We will offer suggestions in colour, rearranging your existing furniture placement, artwork, and accessories to create an open and inviting look. We will transform or re-create your present living space, for a fraction of interior design.

Colour Consultation:

Do you spend hours looking at paint colours? Are those paint chips all starting to look the same? With endless possibilities, selecting the right colours to complement your style can be a challenge. We will help you create the perfect look that you're trying to achieve.


We will help you find the unique item of furniture, artwork, or accessories that will provide the finishing touch for your home. 

Interior Photography:

We will make your home 'Real Estate Ready' by offering photography as well as staging. Both services are imperative when emphasizing your homes most desirable features. 

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